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Tree Trimming & Removal

  For large or difficult tree work, it is always advisable to hire a professional trained arborist who can assess, plan, and execute the work in a safe and timely fashion. Don't believe us? Just search "tree work accident" on YouTube and decide for yourself. We have 10+ years experience in tree work, and have all the tools and equipment to perform excellent work properly.

  Whether trimming a tree or removing a tree, there are strict safety guidelines and procedures that need to be followed to ensure both the safety of our employees, as well as your property. Climbing with ropes and harnesses, rigging branches, and falling trees properly requires years of practice, training, and study to perfect.

  All of our employees are trained daily both before, during, and after each day to ensure they have a good handle on proper and safe practices. 

  Two of the largest issues plaguing Houston when it comes to tree trimming are topping and over-trimming. Topping is NEVER a good practice, it significantly damages the tree's health and leaves it open to rot and disease. Over-trimming is when more than 25-30% of a tree is removed over the course of a year.

  See more about Topping here

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  We are on a very passionate quest to remove both of these practices from the standard, and to promote healthy maintenance of trees.

Pricing -

Prices for tree work start as low as $150!


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