Tree stump removal, grinding the stumps

Stump Grinding

  Tree stumps are ugly. They just are. To make matters worse, they're often in the way. Manual removal with shovels etc. is often unreasonably difficult (if not impossible), chemicals are slow and dangerous, and burning them is often illegal. Instead, let us grind them out! Stump grinding starts at $150, and there are big discounts for multiple stumps. Our crew is careful to not damage any utilities, windows, lawns, or other expensive obstacles.

  One important thing to note is that our stump grinders can only go about 6-8 inches deep, which is deep enough to sod over, but not deep enough to do many other things, such as plant another tree exactly in it's place. To do some things, you may need to pull the stump out with machinery. If you need a stump removed deeper than 6 inches, contact us HERE with your questions and we can work out a solution.

Pricing -

Prices start at $150. Group/bulk discounts for multiple stumps!


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