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Landscape Construction

  You've got a design, now what? Actual construction and installation of a landscape design can be extremely difficult, both mentally, physically, and in a planning sense. There are many, many details that need to be included such as soil amendments, picking the right plants, proper technical skill application, and so on. Let us handle all of that and leave the stress and hard work to us. Our entire crew is intensely trained on all aspects of work, and direct supervision from the designers themselves is an integral part of our process. Our landscape construction pros have tens of thousands of dollars in tools and training to guarantee a flawless end product.

  All of our landscape construction materials come from only the best suppliers in Houston. Every individual piece is designed to work together to create a quality product that looks and functions exactly as you would expect, and will last as long as possible. Our plants are sourced from the leading wholesaler in Houston, providing plant quality and prices better than available to the typical consumer. Our soil and mulch suppliers are multi award winning companies who specialize in nutrition and longevity of their supplies. No corners are cut, and everything is a meticulous work of art and craftsmanship.  


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